About Us

Juhasz Furniture was established in 1939 by Hungarian furniture designer Thomas Juhasz Sr. In 1979 it became a national company in the United States with its new location in Los Angeles. Over the years, the company evolved into its present form and became JDM-Juhasz Design & Manufacturing. It was owned and managed by Paul & Tom Juhasz for 43 years. In March 2022, JDM-Juhasz was acquired by Sigla Furniture Inc. At Sigla-JDM, Juhasz chairs, custom dining chairs, and bar stools have become the main production line along with Sigla Furniture. Quality and personal service had always been our hallmark, and now this tradition continues with Sigla-JDM Furniture. Visit the Sigla Furniture showroom, factory and operation. Sigla Furniture manufactures their Residential, Hospitality and Senior Living chairs and furniture here in Los Angeles. They also continue to import their high end chairs.